Certified On-the-Job Trainer (COJT), Instructor Set

Many companies train their new workers through providing on-the-job training that is provided by senior staff. These staff tend to know the job well but have never received training in how to train others. This course teaches on-the-job trainers not only how to teach others, but how to do it in a structured way.

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Course Description

Many companies train their new workers through providing on-the-job training that is provided by senior staff. These staff tend to know the job well but have never received training in how to train others. This course teaches on-the-job trainers not only how to teach others, but how to do it in a structured way. The course covers the essentials of how to identify training content and develop structured lessons based on that content. It also covers how to prepare the logistics necessary for a systematic training effort, how to engage trainees, how to lead a classroom training event and how to evaluate training outcomes. Participants who successful pass the accompanying certification exam will receive an IWE trainer certification.



 Successful completion of this course will increase your knowledge and ability to:

  •  Identify the benefits of an S-OJT (Structured On the Job Training) program.
  • Recognize the competencies needed of an S-OJT trainer.
  • Complete a job analysis.
  • Create performance objectives.
  • Perform all of the steps in the S-OJT process.
  • Demonstrate Tell, Show, and Do.
  • Identify the considerations needed when preparing for an S-OJT event.
  • Create an S-OJT module.
  • Facilitate a class.
  • Design a visual aid.
  • Perform a training program evaluation.
  • Carry out a performance evaluation.

Course Outline


Part One: S-OJT and the S-OJT trainer

What is OJT?   

The challenges of OJT 

Structured-OJT (S-OJT)                                                               

Benefits of effective S-OJT                                                                     

Skills of an effective S-OJT trainer                                                          

S-OJT trainer competencies                                                                  

S-OJT trainer assessment                                                                        

The S-OJT Process        


Part Two: Job analysis

Assess need for training                                                                      

When is S-OJT appropriate?                                        

Job analysis                                                                                        

Sample job analysis                                                                            

Step 1: Identify the job                                                            

Step 2: Identify the duties                                                                    

Step 3: Identify the tasks                                                                     

Task listing                                                                                           


Part Three: Developing an S-OJT module

S-OJT module outline                                                              


Performance goals                                                                             


Performance objectives                                                                     

Tell, show, do cycle                                                                            

Tell = instruct                                                                                       

Show = demostrate                                                    

Do = practice                                                                                     


Respectful feedback                                                                          


Drafting module                                                                                 

S-OJT template            


Part Four: Preparing for the S-OJT event

Documentation and compliance                                                      


Equipment, tools and resources                                                         

Engaging the trainee                                                                          

Preparing to facilitate                                                                         


Part Five: Facilitating training

Adult learning principles                                                                     

Learning styles                                                                        

Visual aids                              

Auditory learners                                                                                

Opening the class                                                                               

Ground rules                                                                                       

Tell: Presentation best practices                                                          

Presence & non-verbals                                                                      

Interaction & responsiveness                                                  

Instructional methods                                                             

Managing classroom challenges                                                       

Facilitation practice                


Part Six: Facilitating a group

Opening ice breakers                         

Tell: Engaging students in discussion

Guided teaching                                                                                

Information search                                                                             

Jigsaw learning                                                                                  

Do: Engaging students in learning                                                     

Do: Engaging students in practice                                                     

Case Study                                                                                         

Adjusting Show, Tell, Do for a group                                      


Part Seven: Evaluation

Levels of evaluation                                                                           

Level 1: Reaction                                                                                

Training program evaluation form                                                     

Trainee reaction                                                                               

Trainee reaction form                                                          

Level 2: Learning                                                                             

Performance evaluation                                                                

Skills checklist                                                                      

Level 4: Results 


This instructor set includes: Instructor guide, activities, handouts and full-color PowerPoint presentation.


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  • Format: Laser Printed
  • Paperback: Spiral-Bound
  • Set Includes: Instructor guide, activities, handouts and full-color PowerPoint presentation

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