SpaniPRO Placement Test

SpanishPro is a comprehensive instructional system designed to address the need for workplace
Spanish with a focus on the conversational aspects of the language. SpanishPRO is intended to
be used by professional trainers in an immersion, face-to-face, classroom environment. SpanishPRO consists of three language levels, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

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SpanishPRO is an innovative system for learning vocational Spanish - like a PRO! Employees who can perform in both English and Spanish are in great demand. It's more critical now than ever that companies and organizations bridge the language barrier. SpanishPRO's flexible curriculum emphasizes a more meaningful approach to language acquisition that is both affordable and immediately applicable to the job.


The Institute for Workforce Education, a national leader in workforce development products and training, and lnstituto Cervantes, the leading ambassador for Spanish language and culture, have teamed up to provide organizations the best of both worlds vocational, on-the-job training expertise and the best Spanish language content.


What can you gain through SpanishPRO?


A student of Spanish Pro will stand to:


  • Connect with a growing demographic
  • Gain more on-the-job engagement
  • Stay competitive


Students who successfully complete a Spanish Pro course will earn a certificate of completion backed by St. Augustine College of Chicago (IWE-SAC) and the lnstituto Cervantes (IC).


How does Spanish work?


There are 3 levels of Spanish PRO each composed of 40 hours of class time. SpanishPRO is an immersion program that focuses on the conversational aspect of the language. It is designed using adult learning theory principles and, as such, it is very interactive and hands-on, paying particular attention to the situations and terminology relevant to the workplace. Students who successfully complete the entire course of study gain a high intermediate/low advanced level of proficiency in the Spanish language.


All SpanishPRO courses are conducted in a classroom setting. Students must attend and pass a final exam per level in order to earn a certificate of completion.


SpanishPRO Prerequisites


Level 1: There are no prerequisites for students who wish to enroll in this level.

Level 2: In order to register for this level, a student must either have successfully completed level 1 or pass an online placement test.

Level 3: In order to register for this level, a student must either have successfully completed level 2 or pass an on line placement test.


How to register


Interested students may contact a Spanish PRO representative either via phone, email or an on line inquiry form. The representative will direct potential students to the on line registration system to enroll in Spanish PRO if all prerequisites are met.


If a placement test is needed prior to registering, the representative will direct the student to the on line system to pay the placement test fee ($30) and provide them with access credentials. Students will automatically receive their test results, which will be forwarded to a representative so they can advise students as to the level of Spanish PRO they are eligible to register for. Students will then be able to complete registration via the online registration system.


Upon registering, students will automatically receive a confirmation that will contain all the course details as well as information on the cancellation policy.




To successfully complete the course, students must attend at least 75% of the 40 class hours and participate in the activities.


Attendance will be monitored by a representative who will stay in contact with students in order to help them with any issues that may arise and to encourage attendance.


Any student wishing to drop out of a class must communicate it in writing to a representative and complete an exit form/exit interview.


Completion requirements


In order to successfully complete the Spanish PRO course students must fulfill the attendance requirement and pass a final test with a grade of ≥ 75%.


If a student doesn't pass the final test, he or she will have the opportunity to re-take it within 5 days of course end date by paying the re-test fee of $25.


Upon payment confirmation, access credentials will be provided. If a student is not able to pass the test on this occasion, he or she will have the opportunity to re-take the course. Students who pass the final test will be presented with a Certificate of Completion. All other students, with the exception of those that drop out, will earn a Certificate of Participation.



  • Student placement test fee: $30.00
  • Spanish PRO course fee Levels 1, 2, 3 (40 hrs. each): $648.00 per student per course.
  • Registration fee includes: materials, testing and certificate
    • Number of participants per course: 12 minimum and 25 maximum
    • Student final test re-take fee: $25.00
    • Student transcript fee: $25.00
    • Student certificate replacement fee: $15.00


Refund and withdrawal policies


The following fees are non-refundable:


  • Student placement test fee
  • Student final test re-take fee
  • Student transcript fee
  • Student certificate replacement fee


Enrolled students may request a cancellation of registration and a reimbursement of course fees by communicating with a Customer Service Representative at least 4 business days prior to course start date. If approved, student will receive a cancellation number. No requests received fewer than 4 business days in advance of the course will be honored.


If the IWE/IC need to cancel a course or modify course dates, all enrolled students will be notified at least 4 business days in advance of course start date. Students will have the option to request a full refund or to transfer to the next available course.


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