Facilitating and Sustaining Groups, Participant Guide

This course addresses facilitating and sustaining support groups. You will be introduced to the stages of groups and how to work through the stages for ultimate performance.

8-Hour Course

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Course Description

This course addresses facilitating and sustaining support groups. Students will be introduced  to the stages of groups and how to work through the stages for ultimate performance. The course also addresses creating boundries and how to use leadership qualities to create a safe environment where they can improve motivation, overcome resistance, conduct interventions, defend limits, and respond to disruptive behavior within the group. Finally, students will learn facilitation techniques for different types of groups and how to use role playing activities to achieve the goals of the group.



  • Identify the stage of development their group is in and the actions needed to support the group and its members
  • Gauge the needs of their group and respond appropriately
  • Identify multiple ways to create a safe environment
  • Choose appropriate activities that fit the purpose of the lesson and actively engage the group
  • Demonstrate the selection and facilitation of several active learning techniques

Course Outline


Part 1: Stages of group development

Stages of group development                                                    

Stage 1: Forming                                                                                    

Stage 2: Storming                                                                              

Stage 3: Norming                                                                               

Stage 4: Performing                                                                           

Stage 5: Transforming/Adjourning                                                    

Groups as a system                                                                            

Life of a group                                                                                   


Part 2: Creating a safe environment


Leadership qualities                                                                           


Leader practices when working in groups                                         

Group management issues                                                                 

Role flexibility                                                                                               

Improving motivation                                                                        

Overcoming resistance                                                                       

Maintaining boundaries                                                                     

Defending limits                                                                                

Bringing about the cool down affect                                                 

Responding to disruptive behavior                                                    



Part 3: Group facilitation techniques


Two categories of groups                                                                   

Therapeutic group facilitation techniques                                          

Educational group facilitation techniques                                         

Role play                                                                                            

Role play debrief

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