Adolescent Development, Instructor Set

In this course you will increase the knowledge and ability to: define adolescence and explain primary concepts related to adolescent development.

8-Hour Course

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Course Description

It can be challenging to work with adolescents, right? This course will provide insight into the varying aspects of adolescent development. Participants will gain insight on how adolescents develop, as well as why adolescents may be acting out in certain ways. Participants will learn techniques to be better prepared to work with those developing adolescents during this continually changing time in their lives.


Participants will learn the fundamentals of adolescent development, exploring areas such as: personality development, occupying roles, defiance, trauma, managing biases and more. Through the five chapters of this course, participants will explore their own views of adolescents and how to best manage their own perceptive, while working to assist the adolescent in their development.  



  • Define adolescence and explain primary concepts related to adolescent development.
  • Understand their own attitudes and beliefs about adolescence and the influence of those attitudes and beliefs on one’s own behavior.
  • Explain adolescent development through a system’s theory perspective.
  • Deconstruct the adolescent search for identity and its functional role.
  • Engage in mechanisms to support the developmental needs that an adolescent is trying to achieve through their behavior.

Course Outline


Part 1: Understanding Our Views about Adolescents

Media images of adolescents

Thinking back

Frustrations with adolescents

Being misunderstood


Part 2: A Holistic Exploration of Adolescent Development

Physical development

Moral development

Cognitive development

Social development

Recognizing areas of development

Adolescents and their influencing cultures


Part 3: Personality Development

Self actualization

Stages of development

“Personality” vs. “Identity”

Why do adolescents need to develop their identity?

How adolescents occupy different roles

Why adolescents fight structure

Levels of defiance

Responding to defiance


Part 4: Trauma


Adaptive response

Reacting to trauma or trying out a role?


Part 5: Promoting Adolescent Development

Staying adult

Having an open mind

Recognizing biases

Managing biases

Directive talk

Thought discussion


This instructor set includes: Instructor guide, activities, handouts and full-color PowerPoint presentation.


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  • Format: Laser Printed
  • Paperback: Spiral-Bound
  • Set Includes: Instructor guide, activities, handouts and full-color PowerPoint presentation

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