Supporting Fundraising in Your Organization - Instructor Set

With this course you will learn how each individual in an organization can support fundraising.

8-Hour Course

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Course Description

Students will be introduced to how each individual in an organization can support fundraising. Students will also learn the fundraising process and be able to deliver stories and speeches that solicit interest from potential donors.



  •  Participants will deliver a story that identifies a change brought to clients through the services of the organization
  • Participants will write and deliver a cold call speech
  • Participants will solicit a donation in the form of a letter, a cold call script, planning an event, and presenting pertinent information for a grant

Course Outline


Part 1: Your role in the fundraising process


What is fundraising?                                                                            

The pretend room                                                                                 

The fundraising process                                                                     


Part 2: Why people give


The giving relationship                                                                       

Why do you give?                                                                              

Why do people give?                                                                         

Individual reasons for giving                                                   

Corporate reasons for giving                                                  

Grants and foundations                                                                     


Part 3: Identification – Potential givers are everywhere


Step 1 – Identification                                                                       


Part 4: Cultivating the giving relationship


The giving relationship                                                                       


The activity of cold calling                                                                

Telling your story                                                                               

Constructing a good story                                                                 

Tailoring a good story                                                            


Part 5: The art of solicitation


Addressing anxiety                                                                            

The cold call                                                                                       

Constructing a cold call script                                                           

The solicitation letter                                                                         

Planning an event                                                                               

Writing a grant                                                                                   

Other things to remember when writing a grant                                

The art of soliciting                                                                            

Event planning outline                                                                       

Event budget                                                                                     

Solicitation letter                                                                                

Grant requirements outline                                                                

Presentation outline                                                                           

Presentation Takeaways                                                                     


Part 6: Stewardship


Define stewardship                                                                            

The thank you letter    


This instructor set includes: Instructor guide, activities, handouts and full-color PowerPoint presentation.


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  • Format: Laser Printed
  • Paperback: Spiral-Bound
  • Set Includes: Instructor guide, activities, handouts and full-color PowerPoint presentation

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