From Conflict to Collaboration, Assessment

With this course you will increase the knowledge and ability to: implement techniques that encourage a trusting and non-threatening environment in which to effectively address conflict.

8-Hour Course

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Course Description

Conflict erodes teams, creates silos, lowers productivity, and contributes to a hostile work environment. Most people try and resolve conflict by addressing the conflict while ignoring the actual problem that originally created the conflict. At the heart of conflict lies a threat that triggers a defensive response in order to protect one’s identity. This class will explore the cyclical nature of conflict and the defensive routines individuals and organization use that contribute to that cycle. Participants will explore various types of defensive routines and how to change those routines in order to stop conflict. In order to resolve conflict participants will engage in activities that shift their perspective of the feelings involved, the facts of the situation, the perceived intent, and taking responsibility instead of blaming others for the conflict. Participants will engage conflict-resolution conversations that encourage an exchange in order to address and resolve a conflict.


Design Framework

Designed employing psychometric principles, our assessments measure the concepts and skills participants acquire from the training, while using the pre-assessment as a benchmark for the learning process.  Created by professional, credentialed instructional designers and subject-matter experts, our assessment strategies determine whether the level of proficiency gained through the training meets the participant needs, and whether they will be able to use these new competencies in the workplace.


Purchasing Process

The purchase of each assessment includes a pre and post assessment of 20 questions each. Keeping our customers' needs in mind, we have made available the option of purchasing our tests either as a hard-copy or an online version that is readily available for participants.  Our online testing includes at no extra cost timed-testing tools that let trainers and participants evaluate their performance.


Shipping and handling fees apply to all hard-copy testing: $5.95 per package for less than 1 lb.  If you decide to purchase the online version of our assessments, one of our representatives will contact you withing 48-hours and provide electronic instructions to access our testing platform.  Technical assisstance is also provided at no extra cost.


Training Materials


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