Getting Started with Social Media, Instructor Set

With this course you will increase the knowledge and ability to: Document the benefits of Social Media in relation to their organization’s business goals.

4-Hour Course

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Course Description 

Everyone is using Social Media, right? Should your organization jump on the band-wagon too? Before you dive in, it’s best to test the waters. This course will allow participants to engage in activities that will allow them to better understand how Social Media can benefit their organization and tie it to the organization’s key business drivers. Participants will explore different Social Media platforms to begin to identify which of the many options are a good fit for their organization’s business goals. The class will also observe how other companies are taking advantage of Social Media. To complete the course, participants will review tools that are available on the World Wide Web that can assist in managing this new element. Overall, participants will gain a broad scope of Social Media and will begin to assess how it can benefit their organization’s business goals.



  • Participants will document the benefits of Social Media in relation to their organization’s business goals.
  • Participants will differentiate which of the Social Media platforms are best suited for their organization.
  • Participants will analyze the time and tools required to manage their organization’s Social Media presence.

Course Outline


 Part 1: The Benefit of Social Media for Your Organization

Video Introduction

Explore the benefits of Social Media

Tie Social Media  benefits to my organization's key business  drivers


Part 2: Introduction to Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms

How much do I "like" to "retweet"?: Understanding Social Media lingo


Part 3: Review and Select: Which Social Media Platforms are the Best Fit for My Organization?





See how others do it

What platforms are the best fit for my organization?


Part 4: Social Media Management in Your Organization

Free Social Media tools

Social Media time management to allow you to still do your day job

Getting your feet wet


This instructor set includes: Instructor guide, activities, handouts and full-color PowerPoint presentation.


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  • Format: Laser Printed
  • Paperback: Spiral-Bound
  • Set Includes: Instructor guide, activities, handouts and full-color PowerPoint presentation
  • Participant Guide may be purchased separately
  • Pre/Post assessments may be purchased separately: Available on-line or hard copy
  • Instructor Set available in Spanish

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