Customer Service, Instructor Set

With this course you will increase the knowledge and ability to: utilize the skills necessary for effective relationship building and service excellence.

8-Hour Course

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Customer Service is important because it embodies your organization’s mission and culture and ultimate impacts your bottom line. In this course, students will learn who internal and external customers are, assess service strengths and weaknesses, how to have a customer-centered attitude, and how to say no in a positive way. At the end of the course, students will be able to demonstrate the seven essential service keys, practice active listening, and maintain calm in difficult customer situations to create mutually beneficial solutions.



  • Utilize the skills necessary for effective relationship building and service excellence.
  • Productively handle customer complaints by recommending mutually beneficial solutions.
  • Demonstrate the use of seven essential service keys when interacting with customers.
  • Address current environmental factors in the workplace and propose ideas to recommend in your organization. 


Course Outline


Part 1: The service station

Customer service quotes                                                                                           

The service station                                                                                                        

The price of poor customer service                                                                       

What is a customer?                                                                                                      

Who are your customers?                                                                                           

Service self- assessment                                                                                            


Part 2: Steps 1-4 to exceptional service, respect & understanding

Keys to exceptional service                                                                                      

Step 1 – Have the right customer- centered attitude                    

Step 2 – Understand policies and procedures                                  

Step 3 – Understand the customer’s needs                                        

Step 4 – Acknowledge the customer                                                    

Handling difficult customers                                                                                    

Keeping your cool                                                                                                         

Staying adult                                                                                                                    


Part 3: Steps 5-8: Meeting customer needs

Step 5 – Offer a solution                                                                                             

Step 6 – Reach an agreement                                                                  

Step 7 – Follow through                                                                                              

Step 8 – Maintain a good relationship                                                  

Putting the eight keys of service into action                                    


Part 4: Creating a customer- Oriented environment

Environmental Effects                                                                                 


The senses                                                                                                                        

Additional customer assistance


This instructor set includes: Instructor guide, activities, handouts and full-color PowerPoint presentation.

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  • Format: Laser Printed
  • Paperback: Spiral-Bound
  • Set Includes: Instructor guide, activities, handouts and full-color PowerPoint presentation
  • Participant Guide may be purchased separately
  • Pre/Post assessments may be purchased separately: Available on-line or hard copy
  • Instructor Set available in Spanish

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